“Blanc Des Vosges was founded in 1843 in Gérardmer, France, in the heart of a generous and preserved nature, nestled between its calm waters and its majestic pine forest. With modern and chic designs, Blanc Des Vosges has become a leader in manufacturing and distributing home linens in France and globally. The brand is a celebration of the French art of living.”


Based in Gérardmer,France since 1843, Blanc des Vosges is a wholly family-owned and family-run business headed up by 4th generation Jean-François Birac. Blanc des Vosges manufactures high quality bedlinen ranges in Gerardmer with the same passion and dedication as their forefathers did 170 years ago.

The company has always been proud not only to perpetuate Tradition through a product 100%  Made in France but also proud to promote Modernity through collections  which are on-trend each season. Each Blanc des Vosges design is the result of demanding standards in terms of service, creativity and exceptional know-how.

Now, more than ever, Blanc des Vosges continues to blaze the trail for linens manufactured in the Vosges and, with enduring passion, to perpetuate the principle of Excellence in French Manufacturing.