Design, quality, avant-garde marketing and a responsive business chain of reasoning


“ The vocation of the FUPINGROUP model is to ensure an astute balanced portfolio of finely curated brands with unrivaled excellence in market expedient products and services driven by our Artful Suavity of, and appreciation for, design, quality, avant-garde marketing and a responsive business chain of reasoning” Richard Kisembo
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    Empowerment and equality extend across the entire groupé, evoking an Intrepreneurship culture with an appreciation for captivating ideas. Intrepreneurship is a central component to sparking creativity, innovation, and decisive market responsiveness. Inspired by our Three Fundamental Truths, FUPINGROUPoperates horizontally across our executive management teams and vertically across our industrial organization. This structure ensures no impeding layers in our organizational ability to strategically turn captivating ideas into solutions that: resonates into consumer loyalty, contributes strong organic growth and inspires perfection in our business chain of reasoning.

    Key Take:

    Creativity, Innovation, and Decisive Market Responsiveness.

  • Private Equity Fund & Acquisition
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    Private Equity and Fund Acquisition ensures the selective targeting of evocative fashion brands with iconoclastic longterm prospects in the territories we operate. We are keenly focused on accelerating our private equity activities to include the foundation and development of a more influential Private Equity Fund that accelerates our acquisitions activities.

    Key Take:

    Targeting Iconoclast Brands to Acquire, Accelerate Private Equity Fund Development and Leveraging Acquisitions for Growth.

  • Vertical Integration
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    FUPINGROUP operates a majority of our brand development chain, from product development, sourcing, franchise management and online retail. The prowess of FUPINGROUP is in our sheer sustained endeavor to holistically fuse new capabilities and stimulate organic growth opportunities by fostering stronger groupé synergies within existing and acquired brands. Vertical integration ensures we can exert greater influence in the development of our brands and foster stronger groupé autonomy in controlling our product quality and customer touch-points.

    Key Take:

    Fuse New Capabilities, Stimulate Organic Growth, Create Groupé Synergies, and Exert Greater Brand Development Autonomy.

Philosophy of Existence
Fundamental Truths


It is in our DNA to succeed in not just the quality of our products, but also in the effect we have on the global environment.