A Greater Awareness

“It is in our DNA to succeed in not just the quality of our products, but also in the effect we have on the global environment.”

In order to Achieve Unrivaled Excellence we are conscious of the responsibility we have in building a better environment for the global society and the ardent customers we serve.

We are dedicated and working relentlessly to minimize the impact we make on the environment in the products we and our partners produce. We are a global citizen to the territories we operate in and it is in our DNA to succeed in not just the quality of our products, but also in the effect we have on the global environment.

This reasoning extends into the brands we select to invest in. This is greatly exemplified by PULLIN, our anchor Lingerie & Intimate Goods brand. The Artful Suavity (“Savoir-Faire”) of PULLIN is brought to life in its use of white polyester/elastane LYCRA® base to print an infinitely repeating pattern. PULLIN uses a high-definition printing technique on its underwear, using sublimation to literally make the image penetrate the fabric. The advantage of sublimation is that it renders prints perfectly and gives the colors exceptional hold. The ink selected by PULLIN is non-toxic and pollutant-free as it does not contain solvents or heavy metals and thus completely respects your skin and the environment. (The ink used for sublimation is certified OEKO-TEX.)

Our commitment to achieving Unrivaled Excellence begins with the very brands we invest in and distribute, assessing their stance on social, environmental and philanthropic citizenship. Each brand evokes a stance that informs our investment decisions on whether they are malleable in making a strong commitment to positive environmental and social change.

Throughout our business chain of reasoning, we are reinforcing our stance on social, environmental, and philanthropic activities, setting a foundation of a greater awareness accountability and responsibility to contribute positively to our global society.

Design, quality, avant-garde marketing and a responsive business chain of reasoning


Inspired by iconoclastic evocative premium fashion brands and ardent customers that lust them.