FUPIN GROUP curates an exceptional array of evocative premium fashion brands with longterm survivability that transcends global fashion trends. We've amassed a responsive business chain that operates in four unique segments including Fashion & Leather Goods, Lingerie & Intimate Goods, Perfumes & Body Goods, and Selective Retailing.

Lingerie & Intimate Goods

The lingerie and intimate brands we present are a celebration of being alive and a free-spirited and liberated sense of sexuality, adolescence, nervousness, innocence, rebellion and indifference. We are the enabler, curating authentic representations of a youthful body.


Perfumes & Body

Before the fashion comes the first layer, and we are enlisting the emotion of scent to round out the lifestyle of our ardent customers. Join us as we foray into a world of fragrances that are as exquisite to entice your body as they are to wear.


Selective Retailing

MRH SpaRotica Groupé has set out ambitious strategic intents for innovating customer experience with highly differentiated product quality, appreciation for exclusivity in design, and and a unique private shopping experience; Enter SPÄRØTICA.